Here at Sketch My Sausage Dog we love all things dogs. We also have the strange ability to draw humorous (so we think) sketches of dogs, in particular dachschunds. Our love for dogs and ability to sketch them naturally led us down the path of creating Sketch My Sausage Dog. If you too are a sausage dog and would like us to sketch your best friend its simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Click shop and purchase the type of sketch you would like.

2. Choose from different options and also provide us with the activity you would like your pooch to be doing along with any other special features you would like in the sketch.

3. Email up to 4 pictures of your dog to sketch@sketchmysausagedog.com. This enables us to do a sketch that truly enraptures the characteristics and individuality of your dog.

4. Upload it to Instagram and Facebook for all your friends to admire or hang it up on your wall at home.

So let your imagination run wild and let us know just what mischief you want your hound to be getting up to in the sketch. Be sure to include some personal touches you want to be included as well. Have fun.